Sugarcraft Private Tuition

One of the pleasures of sugarcraft is introducing the craft to others through private tuition for one or two people, here at my home, easily reached from London and the South East of England

All the materials are provided in the cost of lessons and students are able to use all the tools and equipment they need here without having to bring anything with them except a large apron or chef's whites and  a lunch - ideal for International travellers and those beginning to learn cake decorating.

(Please note we have an adorable cat who loves to say hello, let me know if this will a problem for you.)

Due to pressure of work and a desire to 'have a life' I am no longer offering a wide range of cake decorating skills, concentrating on the skills I enjoy teaching the most!

Cake Decorating

How to coat a cake with marzipan and sugarpaste for a professional finish and how to prepare sugarpaste for drapes, fabric effects, ribbons, bows and rosettes

How to make royal icing, followed by an introduction to piped cake borders, brush embroidery, and  piped flowers. Please note royal icing can be introduced in a day but it takes a life-time to be perfect!        Alternatively, come along to improve the skills you already have and extend your knowledge of this wonderful medium

Design your own Wedding Cake/Celebration Cake and be guided through all the stages required to seeing your ideas become real, learning many cake decorating skills along the way. Usually it takes  a day to learn how to make the decorations, another day to learn coating  the cakes and a morning to assemble everything together and prepare the cake for transportation. Mother and Bride or Friend and Bride sessions are also a good idea, helping each other remember the details while finishing the decorations and coating together afterwards in your own homes. Booking dates well in advance is essential

Sugar Flowers

The lessons are designed to help you start making sugar flowers and leaves or improve your flower-making skills using very little equipment and very few /cutters/moulds/veiners etc., so each student becomes an independent and creative creator of fine flowers without having to rely heavily on pre-made products. I like to concentrate on the skills required, so a days one-to-one lesson should give you a solid grounding in skills that are transferable to many other sugar flower projects. These lessons are not really suitable for commercial sugarcrafters, mainly those who have a desire to make the perfect flower from scratch

Typical lessons can cover wired and unwired roses, lilies, carnations, filler flowers, and leaves


 Patterned Pastes Techniques

with marzipan, sugarpaste and flower paste

This is my speciality and known throughout the sugarcraft world for developing and perfecting this fascinating technique. It may look complicated - which is the idea - but is actually quite easy to learn and make once the basic rules are learnt.

Detail of leopard and giraffe skin Patterned Pastes

( Patterned Paste is a technique for creating intricate patterns in sugarpaste, marzipan and flower pastes, designs such as stripes, checks, multiple dots and animal skin designs)

Coating a cake with a Patterned Paste design

Marzipan modelling with Patterned Paste techniques

Sugar flowers with Patterned Paste techniques

Sugar leaves with Patterned Paste techniques





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